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The Sandwich So Stuffed It'll Keep You Going From Breakfast To Dinner.

I never thought I'd be writing a blog post on sandwiches but then I had the luxury of experiencing a sandwich from Sandwich Sandwich. This is easily, Bristol's freshest, heartiest, most soul-filling sandwich. Their wide range of flavours and fun staff have so much to offer with such a diverse array of fillers you'll never go a day without choice. Their massive desserts & Legendary Scotch Eggs are just as incredible if not more amazing and the whole experience will just brighten your day.



I remember the first time I saw the shopfront claiming it had "award-winning sandwiches" and "legendary scotch eggs", I turned to my partner and asked, "How can a sandwich possibly be award-winning?". Today I started my new job and on the way was Sandwich Sandwich, so I thought I'd try it out beforehand, maybe grab a spare sammy for lunch. Today I learned what an award-winning sandwich is. I only needed one sandwich and a legendary scotch egg for the day.

First of all, they do not hold back on the filling, the bread is hearty enough to handle a lot of filling without falling apart or becoming too soggy. I've had half a sandwich for breakfast and the other half for lunch. Even after being sat in my bag hap-handily rewrapped for hours, the sandwich held and the flavours just got better with time to soak into that beautiful bread. This leads me to my second point, the flavours, mi amore, the flavours. They're a gorgeous perfect balance of texture and taste. It feels like the ultimate version of your meal deal bap of sadness.

Everything a sandwich wants to be and wishes it was is perfectly handcrafted by the lovely team at Sandwich Sandwich. They are so many flavours to choose from too, I can't wait to make my way through their menu for the weeks to come.

The best part is they don't just offer sandwiches! Their scotch eggs are juicy, meaty and perfectly gooey on the inside. The seasoning on the crumb brings an amazing depth to a British classic and the crumb stays crunchy even when half eaten and left in your back for a few hours. On top of that the desserts and phenomenal and perfect size for sharing or treating yourself. The Oreo cheesecake is to die for. This is the best place I can think of for a lunch date because, beyond the amazing food, it is an incredible experience getting

your expectations blown by the humble Sandwich.


If you want to try Sandwich Sandwich yourself, the one I went to can be found at:

48-52 Baldwin St



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