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The Power Of A One-man Queue And How It Can Save Food


Recently I started a new job, and with this job, I have the excellent opportunity to spend my lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays at some AMAZING food markets. On this particular day, my favourite wing van was there and I without hesitation, bolted out of the office and jumped right into the queue. Eyes were locked, order loaded and ready, childish grin beaming, but then I turned to look at the other stalls.

One, in particular, caught my eye - Los Hermanos. No one was standing at it, no one was even looking at it. Yet the chef was still standing there, with a smile, patiently awaiting the next customer. So I took the opportunity to try something new and get my lunch a little faster. I already know these wings are amazing, but what if I find something else I enjoy? Thus I walked up to the lonely van and ordered the BBQ short-rib loaded waffle fries. The fries were crispy, and the rib was sweet and sticky, It didn't blow me away but it was just a great lunch and now I'm excited to try more of their food.

More importantly, after I switched queues, I spotted other people noticing the food truck. Almost like a veil had been lifted, a magic curse had been removed and now everyone was noticing this van, with a one-man queue. People started reading the signs, murmuring amongst each other, some even decided to switch like I did. This food truck that was attracting no attention now started forming a line.

Making that first step, being the first person to try something helps the public build confidence in trying something new and helps chefs drum up business. It can help small businesses seem trustworthy and leave a good impression, and it can help prevent 1 particular place from getting

overworked or gaining a monopoly. So the next chance you get, the next empty shop you pass or the desolate food truck you find, be the first to approach it. Be the one-man queue.


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