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The Pizza Place That Ties Bristol's Community Together

Pizzarova is astonishing. To come from the back of a car to owning the best pizza shop in Bristol, this place has one of the best stories and the best meals. They nail their toppings with it all being locally sourced ingredients and from local shops; my personal favourite being the buffalo-seasoned smoked chicken. Their sourdough pizza is gorgeously hand-tossed and served in-store or for delivery and their Park St. location is 5 steps away from a beautiful view so I'd recommend buying one to go.


Starting in the back of a Land Rover fitted with a mobile pizza oven, Pizzarova now has

locations on Gloucester Road, Park Street and North Street. They have a wonderfully cheerful team that works with the best suppliers in Somerset to produce the best-tasting pizza in town. They also host a monthly rotational pizza made with ingredients from partnered local businesses.

Their sourdough is slowly fermented and made with a starter that’s been fed for over 70 years and they make their dough fresh every day from water, flour and salt. No yeast.

You can learn a little more about the process from their website.


If you want to check them out, I'd recommend going early in the afternoon and getting your pizza to go. Enjoy it at the park then go back across the road to Swoon for dessert.


4 Park St




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