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The Perfect City Centre Dinner For Anyone And Everyone.

Pieminister is off-the-charts delicious. The crust is crispy and flaky, and the fillings are packed with mouthwatering flavours. Whether you're into classic meat pies or looking for something veggie, vegan, gluten-free or low-calorie. Pieminister has got you covered. They also offer all their pies in stores across the UK. They use top-notch ingredients and amazingly decadent pastry. Seriously, once you try Pieminister, you'll be hooked for life. It's pie heaven!


After travelling around Australia, eating pies every day, Tristen and Jon returned home determined to reinvigorate the humble British pie.

In 2003, Pieminister set up shop in Stokes Croft, Bristol. Tristan made the pies and Jon ran the shop. Word spread fast and after two weeks their pies were the talk of the town. A stall at London’s famous Borough Market soon followed, then a pitch at Glastonbury – a dream come true. Over the years we have grown and now employ around 300 people. They still make all our pies in our Bristol kitchens and they still eat pies every day.

My go-to is the It’s All Gravy! meal with a Kate & Sydney pie (steak and kidney).

It comes loaded with chips, drowned in gorgeous, silken gravy and stacked with cheese curds & crispy onion flakes. Not only is it one of the best meals out there, but this dish was also developed as a partnership with CALM to raise awareness of suicide prevention and a £1 from every It’s All Gravy! sold will go directly to CALM.

CALM, Campaign Against Living Miserably, is leading a movement against suicide offering life-saving services and empowering everyone to reject living miserably.


Pieminister has 3 locations in Bristol alone with 15 total across the UK. I've been to all

3 in Bristol with my personal favourite being Broad Quay. The team, the atmosphere and the location just make it a wonderful treat to be at and an amazing meal to have right in the heart of Bristol's City Centre.


7 Broad Quay



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