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The Only Place Worth Eating When Visiting Cabot Circus

The Bristol shopping quarter is an amazing day out but it does lack in the food department. It's got your standard Frankie's, Maccy's, Costa, KFC, etc. But in terms of good food, there's only one place I can recommend eating, LJ HUGS. It's the perfect balance of meat, carbs & sauce and hits the spot on a sunny day after a good shopping trip. The best part is it's cheap and even offers a student discount!


Located on Broadmead by the entrance of Cabot Circus. LJ's offers succulent cajun chicken thighs, gorgeous chilli con carne, fresh leafy salad, seasoned sweet or regular potato fries and steamed jasmine rice with various incredible sauce options. They're the winners of the British St Food 2022 People's Choice Award for good reason.

My personal go-to pick is the LJ's Taster Box. A mix of the thighs & chilli on rice & sweet potato fries, topped with fresh salad, extra jalapenos and their BANG BANG! chilli sauce - I like my meals spicy. Pair it with a lemon Fanta but be warned, the portions are large. The whole meal only comes up to £7.50, which for what you get is a very fair deal and the perfect summer lunch for a shopping trip.


If you wanna try LJ's yourself you can find it located in the Bristol Shopping Quarter opposite the Cabot Circus entrance at:






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