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Ridiculously Rapid Tex-Mex Steak Stir-Fry

Often I can't be bothered to cook, but takeouts near me are extortionate & ready meals suck. That's why I love a stir-fry. Although stir-fry is an Asian dish, using different seasonings and sauces can completely change the experience. This version pairs brilliantly with lime & coriander rice or on its own. Personally, I mixed in Monterey Jack Cheese and ate it as is.



​Large Ribeye Steak

3 Chestnut Mushrooms

1/2 a Green Bell Pepper

2 Cloves of Garlic

1 Red Chilli

​1 tbsp of Olive Oil

1 tbsp Fajita seasoning

2 tbsp Smoaky BBQ Sauce

Monterey Jack/Gouda (Optional)


1) Preheat a pan to the highest heat with half your oil.

2) Slice your veg and meat as thin as possible

3) Season your meat with the seasoning and the rest of your oil.

4) Once the pan is so hot the oil starts to smoke, add your meats and leave in for 60 seconds, then flip and leave for another 60 seconds.

5) Once the meat is seared, add a splash of water to lift any bits stuck to the pan then throw in your veg & fry for 3 minutes make sure to stir regularly.

6) Add your BBQ sauce & a splash of water to thin the sauce & stir vigorously until everything is coated.

7) Season to taste & serve.

... No seriously it's that simple.

Just chop stuff up and throw it in a pan & add sauce. It's wonderful.


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