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Cheaper Dinners #3 - Cutting Out The Takeaway

I cannot live without take-outs. Most people assume just because I'm so infatuated with cooking that I must also hate takeaways. It's quite the opposite. However, I'm also extremely broke... you know, being a student in a failing economy during a recession. So I often can't afford takeaways but I do still love them. In order to combat this, I treat myself to "Fakeaway Fridays".


On Fridays, my roommates and I chose a type of takeout and make it ourselves for cheap. Indian, Chinese, Fish & Chips, KFC... even home made McDonalds. Especially when split amongst friends the cost of the ingredients for a fakeaway are far cheaper than the store bought kind and often taste better too. It's also just a fun experience all co

For those of you who aren't crushingly lonely like the rest of us, it also makes for a great dinner date. Making each other's favourite takeout order, curling up on the couch and binging your favourite mediocre comedy show.



Pizza is our household go to cause it's so insultingly cheap compared to what Pizza Hut and domino's are charging. You don't have to go through the extra steps of making your own pizza dough. Plenty of supermarkets sell prepackaged pizza dough for 2-4 pizzas costing around £1.50-£3. You can buy enough pepperoni for 3 large pizzas for £1 and pizza cheese mix for another £1.50-£2.50. All in all the 3 of us have 3 medium pizzas for less than £10.

Making your own pizzas also allows you to be more creative. For example, I made a chorizo, pepperoni & jalapeño pizza with a chilli honey drizzle.



Curries, I'd argue, are even easier. It can be as easy as buy the jarred sauces and add your preferred meats and veg, serve with rice or bread. Making it from scratch isn't too difficult too and it allows you to customise it to your preference along the way. Pastes and purées can still be purchase from supermarkets however Indian and other easy Asian curry's come down too just chop stuff up, put it in a pan, add spice, add liquid, simmer and serve.


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