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Cheaper Dinners #2: Cutting Out The Bakers

The Secret Fortune of Bakers.

Baking bread is unbelievably cheap, and not hard in the slightest. You have no idea how much cheaper making your own bread is until you do it. When you do, you'll find not only will you save a fortune, but the bread will taste better than anything you'll get in a store.



Learn the most basic kind first, for me that's flatbread. My flatbread recipe is only water, strong bread flour, oil and salt. Making an 8 pack costs be about 40p worth of ingredients, as opposed to the £1.20 or more a store sells it for. The best part is they freeze really well. I usually make 14 at once, throw them into the freezer and pull one out when I need it. I uses these almost every day so, so making a batch once a fortnight not only saves me a

lot of money but it also means I just don't have to go to the shops as much.



The next step will be start experimenting with sweet treats. Yes, not bread, sweet treats. Cookies, brownies & pastries are always gonna beat a pack of harbios or skittles. Don't get me wrong, I will get through both a bag of starmix & tangfastic in a single sitting and still want the skittles after, but a large brownie would scratch that sugary itch while also having actual nutritional benefits beyond just sugar. By baking some sweet treats and freezing them for a rainy day.


Leavened Bread:

Finally, throw you hat into the yeasty bread making game. This one will be the most difficult but if you start with bloomers you'll have an easy time. making sandwich bread was defiantly a challenge for me as a beginner but it is still completely doable and again costs pennies. This loaf of bread made 10 sandwiches and cost me only 68p's worth of ingredients. You're not finding a fresh loaf of bread for 68p anywhere.


Having my house smell like a bakery was a wonderful experience. I will have a simplified recipe for all of these up over time I am just trying to find the simplest ways for everyone, and bread is by no means simple.

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