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Cheaper Dinners #1: Cutting Out The Middle Man - Supermarkets

This chapter is about all the ways you can reduce the costs of your meals. With the cost of living being so disproportionally high, there's been a massive trend in searches for making meals more substantial for less money. The answer to this has always been known but it's been forgotten, thanks to globalisation and battery farming. Cut out the middleman. It really is that simple.


Fresh From The Farm

Well, what does this mean? There are millions of jobs in the culinary & agricultural industries designed exclusively to make your life easier. Unfortunately, this means we get lazier. Generation by generation, we've lost the skill to grow our own food, butcher our own meats, and even cook our own meals. All these people need to be paid. However, if we can teach ourselves to do their jobs, we won't need that convenience and therefore save a fair bit of money.

Now you may not want a farm and by all means, don't make one; I haven't got a clue where to start with farming. I just cut out the supermarkets and go straight to the farmer. By going to farmers' markets, you pay the farmer directly and don't have

to pay for the shipping, storage & workers that supermarkets have to pay for.


Eating By The Season:

Food naturally comes by the season. Some foods can only be harvested in spring while others are only harvested in fall. However, thanks to the genuinely amazing accomplishment of globalisation, we're able to farm whatever we want, whenever we want just by farming in countries with a climate that matches our desired food.

A great example of this is the strawberry. Almost all year round, packets of strawberries in the UK will have a little label on them which says "Made in Spain". British Strawberries are only available in the summer months. Yet, we can buy them year-round because they're battery-farmed in another country.

However, this comes with additional costs. You now have to pay to ship that food on boats, planes, trucks etc. You have to pay all the additional workers, packagers, drivers etc. When you take into consideration all this additional work, you can start to see why prices of certain foods go up depending on the season. However, if we limit ourselves by eating what's only available in our country,

we're able to cut out all those additional costs.

Massive Strawberry Battery Farm in Moguer, Spain

By eating seasonally, you're able to buy fruit and veg that are growing in your own country meaning you don't have to pay all those additional workers and transport costs. Thus the food is cheaper. Additionally, when fruit and veg are in season they'll grow with such excess farmers will practically throw them away. This is why in the fall-winter months you see root vegetables like carrots and parsnips sold in massive bags for pennies. Cheaper yet, go to a farmers market and start making friends with them. They will start just giving you free food because they like you and they just can't store it all.


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