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Bristol's Best Award-Winning Burger That You've Never Heard Of

I thought I knew it all. I'm the food guy, so when I told my friends that I knew the best burger place in Bristol they listened. I took them to Honest Burger, which is incredible. Amazing burgers made with local produces and (so far) the best wings in Bristol too... but then Tom came along. Tom is a Bristol born & bred lecturer to one of my friends. He had the audacity to claim he knew a burger place so good it made Honest Burger seem like a "mid-tier chain". He wasn't wrong.

(Photo of the shopfront take at Unit 4, Cargo 1, Gaol Ferry Steps, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WE)

Squeezed makes burgers. Honest has great dolled up, neat and tidy burgers with amazing different styles and flavours... but Squeezed... Squeezed is that sloppy kind of burger. That "keep the wrapping on" burger. That "can't stop wiping your chin 'cause it's so juicy" burger.

St Werburger & Reverse Cowgirl

They took every part of what a filthy burger is and raised them up to levels I've never thought to try. Fried onions? Nawh, caramelised confit onions. Mayo? Nawh, charred spring onion sour cream. BBQ Sauce? Peanut chipotle BBQ sauce.

Burgers are served with ancho chilli seasoned fries & the most refreshing freshly squeezed lemonade (hence the name). Everything on the menu pairs wonderfully together, every mixed bite continues to elevate the meal and it is by far the best burger in Bristol.


If you want to try Squeezed yourself, you can find the cute little shop crammed into a shopping container in Wapping Wharf past the Harbour Market at:

Unit 4,

Cargo 1,

Gaol Ferry Steps,

Wapping Wharf



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