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Nowadays it feels like food has lost its soul. Family meal times, barbeques, dinner parties, baking with Nan and cooking for friends just don’t exist anymore. As a society, we’ve become more disconnected from each other and subsequently our food. Nobody knows how to cook anymore, nor do they have the time to learn. Parents don’t let their kids in the kitchen and kids just don’t want to learn.

Also, the way we approach eating now is so clinical. We have to eat specific parts of plants and animals which just ends up causing so much food waste. We’re pressured to eat a specific way to fit a goal or ideal. You’re pressured to consume the “right” foods and avoid the “wrong” foods. Only eat this much of that or that little of this… what happened to just enjoying good food?

My name is Alex, I am a student at university who’s been cooking for over 10 years. I created this blog to fill the void that previous generations have left in our kitchens & teach a new generation how to eat good food again! Whether it be how to cook, what to cook or where to eat, this blog will over time become an all-purpose kitchen guide for every skill level and every situation, primarily tailored for but not limited to students… a student kitchen bible.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Alex, a 21-year-old student currently living in Bristol and a self-taught chef.

Growing up, I had to learn how to cook if I wanted good food on the table as it was just me and my mum and she fell ill. After cooking for years I sought to further develop my skills eventually becoming a line cook & grill master for a couple of years. Often you'll find me catering for personal events, hosting dinner parties or working the BBQ in the summer.

I love cooking but I found that many people my age don't or can't cook, so I made this blog to help students learn how to cook, what to cook and where to eat around Bristol.

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